Monkey Get High on Drugs

The black Lemur is a species of lemur from the family Lemuridae found in the jungle of Madagascar. Madagascar is a huge island nation off the south-east coast of Africa, mostly known for its thousands of animal species. The black Lemur is one of them, it is only found in the Madagascar. Usually the black lemur between 90 to 110 centimetres in length, of which include 51-65 centimetres of the tail while it weighs 1.8 to 2.0 kilogrammes. The black lemur mostly lives in groups which include 2 to 15 members while the average group size is of 10 members.

Black Lemur

The basic diet of the black Lemur is fruit but other than that the Lemur use millipedes for getting high and insect repellent. Black lemur doesn’t eat the millipedes, they just irritate and annoy them by biting them softly. They also rub millipedes on their whole body. Some People say these works as an insect repellent and some say Lemur use millipedes to get high. The millipedes contain a toxic combination of chemicals, including cyanide.

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Black Lemur Get High on Drugs

Lemur Get Stoned

Research suggest that there is a valid reason for the black lemur to do that. The chemical works as the natural pesticide and prevents them from mosquitos carrying malaria. The secret also works as the narcotic, which let the black lemur enter a blissful state. This kind of activity makes the black lemur the stoner of the animal kingdom. The black lemur craves for the chemical and grabs every millipede in reach to gets hippy and enter in a relaxation stage. Other than insect repellent this chemical gives them pleasure makes them high as a gift.

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