How to Approach and Impress a Girl on Facebook

Facebook, there is no such introduction needed for the online networking site. Nowadays every person is quite familiar with this website. Facebook is an online social networking site based in Menlo Park, California, United States. It is founded by Mark Zuckerberg and it was launched 12 years ago on February 4, 2004. There are almost 1.65 billion monthly active users of Facebook. Facebook is one of the easiest ways to communicate and approach a girl. On Facebook users can connect with their friends, share pictures, express feelings through their status.

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Users on Facebook can exchange messages, share photos, post status updates and share videos with their friends. Users also get a notification when other friends update their profiles. Facebook also help people to get updates about the news of the world. Facebook is the best and one of the most popular social networking site of all time.

Steps to Approach and Impress a Girl on Facebook

Step 1: Never send a simple friend request to the girl. Always try to send a text message along with the friend request. Just like you, there will be hundreds of boys who send a friend request to her. A friend request with a good text will make you unique.

Step 2: Make sure the text message should be impressive and catchy. A catchy and impressive message will give a good impression of you.

Step 3: Never be lame on her in your first conversation. Make your first conversation simple and smart.

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Step 4: Don’t be fake to her, instead be genuine to her. Never try to fake thing with her. Your genuineness will make her feel good.

Step 5: Never use a lame and cheesy line with her. Use some hilarious words in the middle of the conversations. The sense of humour is really important to impress a girl on Facebook.

Step 6: Never make her feel offended by your words and also never ask her phone no in your first conversation.

Step 7: Switch topics very frequently, don’t make her bore even for a single second. Switching good and interesting topics will give your great impression on her.

Step 8: Don’t make her realise that you are too much interested in her, instead just show her that you are just interested in her friendship.

Step 9: Don’t ask too much of questions to her, just ask about her life, what’s she is up to in life and her likes and dislikes etc.

Step 10: End the conversation with decent lines like “It was great talking you, we will continue this conversation tomorrow”.

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