Sunny Leone 11 minutes- Alok Nath, Deepak Dobariyal, Sunny Leone (No Smoking)

There is another reason to quit smoking for smokers. There is now a short film featuring Sunny Leone, Deepak Dobariyal and Alok Nath. It’s a great initiate by Sunny, Deepak and Alok Nath for smokers to quit smoking. It’s for a great cause. In this video there is great message “No Smoking” for the smokers. This video may help you to quit smoking.

Sunny Leone 11- minutes

The short film is directed by Vibhu Puri. In this short film Deepak Dobariyal is a smoker and is dying. He makes his last wish to Alok Nath who is playing a role of a Haryanwi father. Alok Nath calls Sunny Leone to complete the last wish of Deepak Dobariyal. As Sunny Leone is the favourite Bollywood seductress she tries to impress Deepak and tries to complete the last wish. Before the wish should be completed Deepak Dobariyal Dies in the arms of Sunny Leone.

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The tittle “11 minutes” is given because whenever the smokers smokes a cigarette, 11 minutes of his life is reduced. The message is very clear every cigarette reduces 11 minutes of your life, think before you smoke the next one, it can cost you your last wish.

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